Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Welcome to our wonderful year in 2nd grade!  I'm so happy that I will get to know each of you very well this year.  Each of you brings your own specialness to our class!  We are going to be READERS this year!  You are going to read all the time, and all kinds of things.  You can read alone, with a parent, with a buddy, or even online!  Join our reading club and log your reading hours!

Boys and girls, you know all those cool books you get to listen to and read online during library? 
Click on this link and enjoy all of them at home, for free! 

These are the passwords you'll need for each site:

                                                  Username:               Password:
Encyclopedia Britanica            boston                    boston               
TumbleBookLibrary                  bostonps                books
ebooks Follett Shelf                  boston                    boston

You can now access Scholastic News magazine online!  

Password:  Young224