About Ms. Young

Hello Parents and Children,

I'm so happy you are visiting our class website!

A little about myself:  I have been teaching at the Quincy School since 2003.  I started out teaching 2nd grade, and I switched to 3rd grade in 2011.  Growing up, my favorite grade was 3rd grade.  I remember my 3rd grade teacher fondly.  I'm so glad I am teaching the grade I loved so much.

I grew up in many different places because my father was in the Air Force, but the place I call home, apart from Boston, is Zaragoza, Spain.  My mother is from Zaragoza, and I spent every summer there, my high school years, and still go back to visit often since my mother's side of the family still lives there.  My parents retired in Florida a few years ago.

I moved to Boston when I was 18 to go to college and fell in love with this city.  I live in Boston my husband, Jason, and our two daughters, Dahlia and Rose.  We also have two dogs, Miles and Zoe.  We are busy!

I am very lucky that I love my family, my city, and my job.  My students make my job wonderful and worth going to every day. 

Thank you for reading.
Ms. Young